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At The Treehouse Art Studio


1-2 Day workshops are available at the Treehouse Art Studio and grounds.


The workshop programme includes:


▫️Mildfulness and Meditation

▫️Expressive Art



▫️Mildfulness and Meditation

Simple, guided, breathing meditations are themed to help you relax and find balance and connection. 

Mindfulness exercises may also include mandala painting, as well as nature-based activities such as labyrinth making. 

▫️Expressive Art 

The expressive art workshops are facilitated by an art therapist. They provide you with opportunity to explore your artistic side and have fun. This is not intended as ‘Art Therapy’, however the experience of creating art in a safe and creative setting can be powerful and insightful. Opportunities to make art in and using the outdoor environment are also encouraged, weather permitting. 


Yoga workshops are offered with a trained instructor, to help inspire balance between mind, body and environment.  




Further details:


The workshops take place within the grounds of the Treehouse Art Studio and include access to the garden and other facilities.  


The timetable and activities for each workshop are carefully considered and planned according to the seasons and interests of the attendees. Please use the contact form below to request information on the latest workshop dates and further information. 

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